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Stardust is a character created by EctoplasmicCat.

Stardust is a teal hippocampus who was a splicing experiment in the Mech Labs. He was created by splicing together a fish and a horse. Her biological parents are Angel and Jackson, whom escaped with her to Ikimono. She is the mate of Artemis.

Characteristics and Biography

Stardust can use hydrokinesis, thus she can manipulate water. She can move around water and use water based attacks. While her attacks seems weak, they're actually very powerful and can cause some damage, as she can create floods at will. Despite this, she isn't as powerful as Artemis.

Being part mystic, Stardust has the ability to teleport, a common trait in mystics.

Stardust can breath underwater and on land, due to her being a hippocampus. She has a set of both lungs and gills. However, she often has difficult moving on land.


Stardust is an extrovert and likes meeting and making friends. She is very social towards other animals as well.

Stardust is open-minded and is unbiased to new ideas, unless it goes against to those she loves. She is very loving and caring as well, especially to Artemis, her daughters, and son.


Stardust is around 3 feet, from her head to her tail. She is a teal hippocampus with hot pink eyes. Stardust has light blue inner ears, hooves, and fish tail. Her "webby" markings and tail fins are a darkish light blue. She has light cyan fin-like hair and top fin of her tail. Her smoke is a slightly darker hot pink and have faint stars on it.


  • Stardust is another word for cosmic dust.
  • She used to be male and a hawk/fox/fish hybrid.