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Characteristics and Biography

Neptune's class was spliced to be 100% Bloodthirsty. However, due to a birth defect in his wing, he was going to be to be killed to avoid wasted room. Luckily, a scientist thought he'd still be able to be used for battle, if they switched out his bones in his wings, for a blade. This way he'd be more powerful in the field, and to avoid wasting time to breed another like him.







The Escape

Neptune was a mere teenager when a group of animals confronted him to escape the labs. He agreed to help, and to keep it in secrecy. A few nights later, they had gathered enough animals to escape. At night the animals with enhanced intelligence would go to the generator that prevent them from using most of their powers, and from the terrain to be messed up, and shut it off. The thing about the generator, it would use an emergency power if it is shut off, and it is near impossible for the animals to destroy. They had 1 minute to dig a whole under the recess area's gate. There were only three mystics, since they were weak they could only have one partner teleport with them. One of the Mystic, was Coral Ametine. She was assigned to teleport Neptune out. She wrapped her smoke around him, and they teleported outside the first gate, near the second one. Coral levitated over the fence, while Neptune flew. They escaped.


Coral Ametine and Neptune had agreed to stick with each other, to make sure they wouldn't die. The most important thing they had to do was find shelter. The first night they stayed in a large tree. The next day, they were on the hunt to find a stable cave. Along the way, was another wolf. He showed them the way to his town. After they got there, they were greeted with 4 other animals, that surrounded the two.

"You've made a horrible mistake." The wolf walks up behind him and laughs evilly. "Attack!"

The leopard and eagle charged at Neptune, while the other wolf and tiger charged at Coral Ametine. Coral teleport to a nearby tree. Neptune starts getting surrounded. He begins backing up, until he is stopped by a tree. Suddenly, Coral teleports in front of him, and levitates the leopard and throws him at the other animals. They coward away, leaving behind a very cozy and stable cave. They have shelter.

First Kid

After a few years of being married, Coral is about to give birth to her first of hopefully many pups. Her mother names her Ender-Stevie. The two new parents struggled often to care for their child. especially while she is discovering her powers. They are able to control her. They help lead her to her adolescence. They successfully raise their first child.


  • Certain aspects of this character was inspired by the planet Neptune