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Characteristics and Biography


Coa Coa is very loving to everything she meets, even if it is evil. She believes that all anything needs is love. She is very calm, even in the heat of danger. She does not spend much time in her physical body. It takes a lot for her to get mad, and when she does it is not a good thing.


Coa Coa is an Earth Dragon, a type of dragon that is very fluffy and strong. These dragons are usually deer like with hooves, antlers and sometimes a deer nose. These dragons have a special connection with the earth, thus why Coa Coa's spirit was chosen to watch over all the Biome Spirits. Coa Coa has lots of freckles all over her body. The majority of her colors consist of browns and tans. She has icy blue eyes and a mane.


  • She can only kill what she creates.
  • Great Lupus made her daughter's body then she gave her life.
  • Low, close to no magic power due to her being able to give life.
  • If an organism is dead for more than 24 hours, she cannot give it life again and when she does, she can only give it to it once. If it needs to be revived again she cannot do so.
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