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Luna is a main character shared by the co-creators.

Characteristics and Biography

Being a Lunar classification, Luna can use umbrakinesis, thus she can manipulate shadows and even turn into shadow. With her bat wings, she can fly, but she really only uses them to glide.

When she gets angry, she transforms into Blood Luna. In this form, she has thorns on her back, red eyes, her moon marking is red, and her eyes and marking glow. She will turn back into her regular form when she is calmed down. It is possible she can also transform to this form at will.


Normally, Luna is a grumpy, monotone hyena. She hardly shows enthusiasm or happiness, usually only showing sarcasm or mild amusement.

However, Luna has a good heart and wants to help others.


Luna is an amethyst-colored hyena with darker purple inner ears, moon marking, and tail tip. Her inner wings are dark purple. She has a tuff on her forehead. Her eyes are mainly purple which fade to a crimson color.


  • She was originally blue, have no wings, and a wolf.