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Ender-Stevie is a Grey Wolf/Arctic Wolf hybrid created by co-creator EnderStevie.

Characteristics and Biography

Ender-Stevie is a duel classification animal. She is classified as a Mystic/Bloodthirsty animal. Because of this she is given wings, smoke, the ability to teleport, sharper teeth than usual, sharper claws than usual, and her colorful pelt.

She uses her teleportation whenever she is feeling too tired to fly. She can only teleport to places she can remember or imagine. Ender-Stevie can teleport other along with her by wrapping her smoke around them. The smoke then cocoons around her and/or the other animals. However she cannot teleport when she is weakened to much. Her smoke is a below average density, meaning her powers are slightly below average.

Her left eye was wounded in a battle between Wolfen, after his corruption. her eye was closed shut for a few days, but once she was able to open it again, it was permanently harmed, it causes her view to be slightly blurry.


Ender-Stevie is a hyperactive animal, her hyperactivity causes her to be easily distracted. She can often be impulsive in battle. this can cause many problems with other animals. She tries to be as optimistic as possible, especially to help cheer up her friends. She listens to others carefully, especially when it comes to a dangerous situation. When her friends are in danger, she will put her friends life above her own, willing to sacrifice herself. This behavior is very unhealthy for herself, and causes her to get harmed often.


Ender-Stevie is a light blue winged Grey Wolf/Arctic Wolf hybrid. She has royal purple smoke and light purple eyes.

She is slightly taller than Artemis and shorter than Luna. She is slightly underweight, although it can be difficult to tell because of how much fur she has.









AI M1K4 (Miku)


  • She was based on the Enderman from Minecraft
  • The second part of her name was inspired by a charcter named Stevie from Wizards of Waverly place, the creater thought it was slightly more feminine.
  • Ender also means rare in turkish, she was given this name because her species is rare