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Charcteristics and Biography

Beastie was created at Mech labs to be the ultimate war weapon. He was made to emit radiation from his body, because of this he is immune to it. His alert level is 7, the maximum alert level. He is able to emit 10,000 Rads.

He is also a lightning based dragon, giving him the abily to shoot a beam of lightning from his mouth. He can also shock someone with 200 vots from his tail. He uses his tail as if were a knife, jabbing and slicing, leaving burns and scars on his victim.


He is very intelligent when it comes to the world he lives in, however he does not know much about himself. This causes cause him to lash out at his envirement and others near him. He does not know any social skills, making him very aggresive and preventing him to learn to speak like a human.


Beastie is yellow dragon with red eyes, and black plating on his underbelly and the top of his nose. His wing underside is also black. Beastie is 39 feet tall, or about 12 meters tall.


AI M1k4 (Miku) sent a file containg a video to Mech labs of Ender-Stevie's Super Form, and the information she gathered on her, thus far. She told them that a mutaion in Coral Ametine and/or Neptune may lead to the goal of Project Fairytale. The scientists were able to find the DNA of the two, and found certain mutaions that they combined. After splicing many eggs, they were to create a prototype for Beastie. After a lot of splicing eggs and breeding they finally made an artifficial dragon, which would be named Beastie.

He was forced to stay in confinement alone, since he was too dangerous. He was chained up and fed with a machine, because of his radiation. After 5 years, he gained enough intelligence to break free from captivity. Escaping into the wild.


  • Certain parts of his backstory are inspired by Jurassic World.